Recent Works from Fractallicious

Style Ideas from Polyvore and Elsewhere

Wondering how to best use a Fractallicious item in your wardrobe planning, home decor, or design layouts? Most of the thumbnails below link to my large collection of Polyvore sets. If you scroll down, you will see that many of these sets illustrate ways to use Fractallicious artwear and/or home decor items. You can shop for ANY of the items in these sets, including the furniture, clothing, and accessories, directly through Polyvore, by clicking on the set that interests you. (Ignore any "sold out" warnings; Fractallicious artwear is print-on-demand, so this is a Polyvore bug.) To illustrate how fractals can be used in layout and design, I have also provided a few business card templates that utilize Fractallicious images. These link either to Zazzle or to, and text, fonts, and colors are fully customizable in both cases. Finally, other sets shown here are art sets made on the Polyvore creative platform, included here just for fun.